I’m a Barbie girl

“Inspired by your childhood” is today’s theme for the 31DC. I have been dreading this day! Why? Well, I don’t remember much of my childhood, and I couldn’t think of anything that really reminds me of it either. But, I did finally remember that I used to love playing with Barbie dolls! I had soooo […]



Base: Essie – Castaway Stamped: QA28 using black stamping polish from the born pretty store. I wanted something really simple and fresh after all my intricate manicures. Why is it that the simplest manicures always give me the hardest times? The base is gorgeous, I love the color, but the formula was really hard to […]


Gamer nailz!

ZOMG!! Tetris nails!!! I thought long and hard about the theme “Inspired by a game” for the 31DC. I do love nails painted with amazing art, but I like to wear my manicure for a couple of days, and I don’t really feel like walking around with the Grand Theft Auto logo on my nails. […]


Recycled manicure

Since I’ve had a really busy week, since I loved my argyle nails and since they took forever to do, I wanted to keep the manicure for as long as I could. And so, when some of my nails started to chip, I simply removed the polish from my thumb, index and middle finger and […]


Argyle nails

White: H&M – In It For The Game Green: A-England – Dragon Gold: H&M – Sparkle & Shine Baby I have a fetish for argyle, I don’t know why, but I just think it looks so cool! At least when you wear it “right”, it’s something about that mix of the old, nerdy pattern combined […]


Polka gradient

Blue: OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook Pink: OPI – Lucky Lucky Lavender Glitter: OPI – The theme for todays 31DC is “Merge og melt”, I was planning to try “dripping” nails, but then I just ended up doing a simple glitter gradient! I am absolutely in love with Can’t Find My Czechbook and […]


Sandwich time

Cult Nails – Flushed and Cirque – Galinda in a fabulous sandwich! Base is one coat of Flushed, one coat of Galinda, another Flushed, one more coat of Galinda and finished with Flushed again. In addition to base and top coat, my nails are super thick! :p Flushed is gorgeous in it self, but I’m […]


Vintage roses

Base: Isadora – Pistachio White: H&M – In It For The Game Roses: OPI – Lucky Lucky Lavender and OPI – Pink Flamenco Leaves: H&M – Peacock Green and Isadora – Beetle Green Freehanded the stripes on my middle finger, next time I’ll use tape! Also wish I had done larger and fewer dots on […]


The textured trend

White base: OPI – Happy Anniversary Blue: OPI – Get Your Number (Liquid Sand) When the liquid sand polishes came my first thought was “Ew, textured polish?!”. And it took more than a couple of blogs showing swatches before I started to think “Hm, this Get Yout Number polish is looking kinda nice”. So, when the texture […]


My favorite polish

Pink base: Essie – Cascade Cool My favorite polish: OPI – My Private Jet I guess it’s no shock what polish is featured today, on day 19 of the Laid Back 31 Day Challenge which is “Your favorite polish”. My Private Jet has been featured a couple times before on my blog, but I absolutely love it! I […]


Liebster Award

OMG! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by two blogs! Nail Addicted Sisters and Becacine, I’m so honored! 😀 I think you can choose to do whatever you want with this award, some people just pass it along and some people write fun facts or answer questions. I’m gonna do the rules Becacine followed, simply because they seem […]


My oldest untried – Dior #680

Dior – 680 I apologize in advance for the major picture spamming in this post, it’s just that this polish is sooo pretty! I bought this in 2007 and I have never used it. Ridiculous, I know. I found it a couple of months ago and (think) I added some polish thinner to it and […]