GOT – Orange (Coral?)

I only have a couple of orange polishes, none of them are even close to being a year old. So I decided I’d go with this polish for today’s prompt; “orange”, as it is the most “orangy” “old” polish I’ve got! Essie – Carousel Coral, this was one of my favorites last spring, and as […]


Picture Polish Pirouette and Fairy Floss

piCture pOlish – pirouette and fairy floss in a failed stamping decal attempt… piCture pOlish – fairy floss the perfect barbie pink! I am in love! This was two easy peasy coats and it covered perfectly.  Look at this color, I will we all over this color this summer! piCture pOlish – pirouette, anotherr perfect rosy shade, […]


Zoya Dream and Payton

I got Zoya – Dream and Zoya – Payton a little while ago, and I’ve been dying to show you them! Zoya – Dream is an absolutely stunning blue jelly base with scattered holographic particles. It’s slightly sheer with one coat, but a second evens out nicely and it looks amazing! We do not have sun here […]


GOT – Chevron

As I’m looking at this finished manicure I’m thinking it looks familiar, and that I think I’ve done something like it before… And what do you know, I have!   I think I like this version better though, because of the contrasting finishes, I love combining different polish finishes it makes for such an interesting […]


Naturel Ombre

Like I said in my previos post, I am in love with the Zoya Naturel Collection and I want to wear all the colors all the time! And how to wear six nail polishes at the same time? Do an ombre of course! I started by painting one coat of (from pinky to thumb) Chantal, Taylor, […]


Zoya Naturel Collection Swatches

I rarely do swatches of collections, mostly because I don’t have the money to buy complete collections and I rarely love every polish in a collection enogh to get them all. The Zoya Naturel collection however, I am in love with every single shade! So I ordered it the moment I saw it, and now that I […]


GOT – Valentines

Today’s prompt for Golden Oldie Thursday is Valentines. I completely fell in love with Paulina’s adorable Valentines nails, and decided to copy hers for this manicure I started with a base of Essie – Limo-Scene, I needed three coats to get a decent coverage. Then I painted the tiny hearts using Essie – Bahelorette Bash, […]


GOT – Green

I do not have many green nail polishes, this is actually the only one even close to a year old. IsaDora – Beetle Green, it’s a gorgeous polish, I’m just not a big fan of wearing green nail polish for some reason. Except for mint, I love mint nail polish <3 Does mint count as […]


TPC – Funky French!

I have wanted to join the Tri Polish Challenge for a while, I don’t know why I haven’t before. Maybe I because I haven’t like the colors or haven’t had time. But for February the colors are Brown, Pink and Grey, and I love those three colors, so I decided to jump on! For my […]


GOT – Dots

I am not feeling very talkative today, so I’ll just list up a few details of this manicure. Two coats of Kicks – Midsummer Lily as the base. Then, inspired by Lucy, I added dots using Kicks – Brownish Bazaar and Kicks – Metro Grey.   An InLinkz Link-up Related posts: GOT – Purple Inspired by […]