Quatrefoil skittle

I have been drooling over gorgeous quatrefoil designs for quite a while, and when I was completely stumped for inspiration today, I remembered quatrefoil and decided that today is as good a day as any! I used Essie – Cashmere Bathrobe as my base, it is the most gorgeous grey polish with flecks of silver […]


Shimmer Polish – Bella

Another dark vampy shade for fall! Love this! Bella is a black tinted base with matte black and silver micro glitter and lots of red glitter. Bella was a little different to apply then the other Shimmers I’ve tried so far. Not bad, just different. I’m wondering if it could be all the micro glitter in […]


Easy Peasy Flowers

I wanted blue, I wanted flowers, I wanted simple. Check, check, check! What I noticed searching my stash, trying to find the blue base color I had in my mind, is that I do not have it. Oh how sad, I need to buy more nail polish! But this one works though. I bought it […]


Elegantly blinged

I was sent this gorgeous pack of 3D bling to show you guys from the Born Pretty Store.    I used the rhinestone charm as an accent over OPI – Viking In A Vinter Vonderland, and I just love this combination so much. The silver charm accents this polish so beautifully. I just put the […]


Blinged out Dane

Holy crap! Aren’t these the prettiest rhinestones you have ever seen?! I am so in love! And especially with this combination, OPI – How Great Is Your Dane? looks so beautiful with these rhinestones as an accent.   These were sent to me from the Born Pretty Store to review for you guys. They have lots of […]


OPI Nordic Collection – swatches and review

Today I have swatches of the entire OPI Nordic Collection! I felt like I had to get the entire collection since I am from Norway 😉 Also, all of the shades in this collection are pretty, and since it’s a while since I bought myself some new polish, I could justify adding this to my […]


Shimmer Polish – Cleo

Shimmer Polish – Cleo, three coats for full coverage. Here you can see how it builds up, index – one coat, middle – two coats, ring and pinky – three coats. I think this is one of the favorite polishes I was sent from Shimmer, especially now for fall! It’s such a gorgeous dark plum […]


31DC2014 – Orange

Todays theme is orange! (It’s still 15 minutes left of today) I’m too tired to say much about this, and it’s only day two! Lol :p I also filmed a tutorial for it, so I’ll say more about the manicure when I upload that.   But the polishes I used: OPI – Can’t Afjörd Not […]