Polisher’s Inc. – Try A New Technique

For this week’s Polisher’s Inc. challenge we are trying out a new technique! I tried a new water marble technique, I’ve done water marble two times before, but the traditional way of dipping my finger into the water. Creating a horrible mess and lots of clean up. This time I tried the stamper technique! I dipped […]


Quatrefoil skittle

I have been drooling over gorgeous quatrefoil designs for quite a while, and when I was completely stumped for inspiration today, I remembered quatrefoil and decided that today is as good a day as any! I used Essie – Cashmere Bathrobe as my base, it is the most gorgeous grey polish with flecks of silver […]


Minty nubbs

Wow, looking at these photos make me sad! Lol, I miss my long nails! This winter has been rough on my nails, no matter how much cuticle oil, cuticle cream and base coats with treatments they have been peeling and breaking non stop! Usually I’ve been able to save the breaks with Orly Nail Rescue, […]


I’m back, and with Christmas nails!

Oh how I have missed my blog and all of you my wonderful readers! <3 <3 <3 My nails have grown back to more or less regular nubbins instead of misshapen horrible nubbins. My index still needs to grow out a bit more, but it’s good enough for me to share my nails again 😉 […]


Blurred Lines

Base: Cirque – Cape Liz Stripes: OPI – My Boyfriend Scales The Walls and Essie – Mint Candy Apple Roses: Essie – Cascade Cool, China Glaze – Infra Red, OPI – My Boyfriend Scales The Walls and H&M – Peacock Green This mani is inspired by the amazing NewlyPolished, original mani here on Instagram.   […]


Silver and blue

Base on pinky, ring and thumb: Depend – silver Base on index and middle: Ozotic – 914 Pinky topped with Cirque – Galinda Ring and thumb topped with Ozotic – 914 Middle stamped with BM – 315 and Depend – silver Index topped with KB Shimmer – Hex Appeal Today’s challenge was “silver”, I was […]


Sandwich time

Cult Nails – Flushed and Cirque – Galinda in a fabulous sandwich! Base is one coat of Flushed, one coat of Galinda, another Flushed, one more coat of Galinda and finished with Flushed again. In addition to base and top coat, my nails are super thick! :p Flushed is gorgeous in it self, but I’m […]


Metro Grey

Grey: Kicks – Metro Grey Glitter: Cirque – Galinda I have been eyeing this gorgeous glitter from Cirque for a long time, I was especially jealous around christmas time when nail bloggers all over were sporting “snowy winter manicures” using this glitter. Because it really does look like snow on the nails! So I was […]