Crafty gradient

I was completely out of inspiration for this one, and it shows! Lol! I wanted to do a gradient, I wanted to use tape and I wanted to use pink and mint. But I did not want to do a taped off triangle gradient that everyone else is doing these days. I regret that decision. […]


Inspired by Lucy

The theme for today’s 31DC is “Inspired by a blogger”. I’ve known what to do for this day for a while, I wanted to copy Lucy’s gorgeous Elegant Squares manicure! A week ago I picked up of Dior’s summer polish duo “Samba” and I knew exactly what they would be used for! Aren’t the colors […]


My oldest untried – Dior #680

Dior – 680 I apologize in advance for the major picture spamming in this post, it’s just that this polish is sooo pretty! I bought this in 2007 and I have never used it. Ridiculous, I know. I found it a couple of months ago and (think) I added some polish thinner to it and […]