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Bronzed snowflakes

Me and my boyfriend have made advent calendars for each other this year (yes, it took a couple of months of nagging from me and a final “we are doing this no discussion”), he had no idea what to get me, so I went around and took pictures and wrote down a bunch of ideas […]

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Sparkly butterflies

Holy crap I’m so bad at giving my posts titles… For this I used the gorgeous Essie – Viva Antigua! from their summer 2016 collection and butterfly nail vinyls from Whats Up Nails. For my ring finger I used a small nail art brush and Zoya – Tilly and painted inn just a few of the butterflies, […]


Polisher’s Inc. – Recreate an Oldie

Check me out! I was invited to join Polisher’s Inc.!  “Polishers Inc. is a group of European nail bloggers that want to exchange their ideas about nail art and inspire each other! We post every first and third Sunday of the month.” I am so psyched to be joining these awesome girls: Annie (Polish This!) […]


Pink glitter gradient

I’m still doing pink for October, so show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness. As I’m typing this I’m actually waiting for the pink base of my next manicure to dry 😉 This one is a little bit more simple. I used Essie – Cashmere Bathrobe as a base, and did a glitter gradient using China […]


Quatrefoil skittle

I have been drooling over gorgeous quatrefoil designs for quite a while, and when I was completely stumped for inspiration today, I remembered quatrefoil and decided that today is as good a day as any! I used Essie – Cashmere Bathrobe as my base, it is the most gorgeous grey polish with flecks of silver […]


Leslie gradient

Like I said in my swatch post, I knew Shimmer Polish – Leslie would be amazing for glitter gradients, so I had to try it out! I decided to pair it with Essie – Lapis of Luxury and I think the two polishes worked really well together. I was also considering layering it over a lilac […]


Matching my Filofax Cover Story

I have recently started using paper and pen to organize and plan again instead of my phone. Yes, I’ve gone backwards! :-O I won’t go into detail about my new found love for paper planning, but to put it mildly I’m addicted. I’ve bought myself a super pretty new Filofax Cover Story with an adorable […]


GOT – Orange (Coral?)

I only have a couple of orange polishes, none of them are even close to being a year old. So I decided I’d go with this polish for today’s prompt; “orange”, as it is the most “orangy” “old” polish I’ve got! Essie – Carousel Coral, this was one of my favorites last spring, and as […]


GOT – Valentines

Today’s prompt for Golden Oldie Thursday is Valentines. I completely fell in love with Paulina’s adorable Valentines nails, and decided to copy hers for this manicure I started with a base of Essie – Limo-Scene, I needed three coats to get a decent coverage. Then I painted the tiny hearts using Essie – Bahelorette Bash, […]


Gold glitter gradient

I wanted something autumnal, dark blue and glamorous.   So I painted two coats of Essie – After School Boy Blazer, it was perfect in onec coat, but my nails were a bit “bumpy” and I decided to add a second. Unfortunately, this polish looks pretty much black on the nails… Don’t get me wrong, […]


Dancing with the stars

I have been so busy the past week, that I have not had time to write up a blog post. I have a couple of manicures done, all photographed, but just no time to post! Anyway…. Karianne is having a contest where the theme is “inspired by Dancing with the stars/ballroom dancing”. So I went […]


KBShimmer – Elle

I went crazy shopping at Harlow & Co a little while ago, they had 20% off KBShimmer polishes, which is one of my favorite indie brands, and I thought it was an exellent opportunity to get some from my wishlist! KBShimmer – Elle was on my wishlish, and I’m sure you understand why, isn’t it […]