Fall nail polish favorites | Part 2

I’m sorry I’m a little late posting this! Life suddenly got busy and on top of that I haven’t been feeling well. So “a few days” turned in to more than a week! But finally it’s here, part two of my fall nail polish favorites! Check out part one here Remember to watch the video […]


Fall nail polish favorites | Part 1

I chose a LOT of nail polishes as my favorites for fall, please don’t judge 😉 Please let me know what you think of my choices! In this first part I talk about the reds, pinks, plums, purples and blues. Watch my video to hear my thoughts about every polish. Related posts: Nail polish favorites […]

Summer nail polish favorites

Nail polish favorites for summer!

Yay! Summer is here! This was going to go up about a month ago, but as you know, I was busy moving 😉 So, better late than never, summer is still here! Well, according to the calendar, my window is telling a different story. My spring picks are still relevant for summer though, I think […]

Spring nail polish favorites

Nail polish favorites for Spring!

I have a lot of nail polish picks for spring, I tried to narrow it down as much as possible, but I just could not get under 15! Click the names of the polishes mentioned to see my manicures and swatches! OPI – Pink Friday Essie – Castaway Essie – Carousel Coral Picture Polish – […]